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For all the great content that doesn't have a feed

A lot of the best content out there isn't available as RSS.

SnipRSS clips content from any web page in to its own RSS feed so you can share it or use them to power your newsletters.

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From web page to RSS in seconds

Snip videos, podcasts, blog posts, web pages, social posts and documents from around the web into your own shareable RSS feeds.

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Built for content curators. Built for the curious.

Finding great content is hard and it's even harder finding it already in a RSS feed.

If you love uncovering fascinating, inspiring, captivating content and sharing with like minded folk, or just capturing it for when inspiration strikes, SnipRSS helps you capture and organise content as you browse, storing it in portable, sharable RSS Feeds.

Built by RSS users

Built to solve our own problem, SnipRSS is a purpose built RSS feed curator from the founders of FlipRSS.

Snip as you browse

The SnipRSS browser extension quickly captures page content and adds it to your own custom RSS feed in seconds.

Unlimited feeds

Create as many feeds as you need to curate your content, on any plan.

Share and grow

Share your link, create an automated newsletter, grow your RSS subscribers and integrate with other platforms or channels.

Simple pricing

SnipRSS is free up 150 snipped items and unlimited RSS feeds.

Pro Creator

For users who are creating and sharing content regularly.

What's included

  • Up to 100,000 snipped posts

  • Unlimited RSS feeds

  • Technical support and assistance

  • Beta access to new features

Per Month

USD $120 annually

Frequently asked questions

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an internet standard developed to deliver computer-readable updates to online content, usually from a single site.

They are frequently used by blogs and podcasts to syndicate latest content to subscribers, third party systems, newsletters and more.

To avoid having to frequently check your favourite sites for new content, RSS provides the ability for site users to subscribe and be notified of new content when it is published by the author.

It makes content portable, sharable and open so is an ideal format for publishers and content producers or curators.

So we thought, what if everyone had the power to curate their own portable, sharable and open RSS feeds?

What if everyone could create RSS feeds containing content from multiple sources mixing video with articles, images, Tweets and more. We knew it would make running our newsletters much easier. So we built SnipRSS and set a price to help everyone become a curator.

Curated RSS feeds serve many extremely useful purposes. They put you in control of the content you share and gives your audience an easy way to follow what’s of interest to them.

Some ways curated RSS feeds can be used:

  • Snipping press coverage into an RSS feed to share internally
  • Curating feeds of content you'd like to read later
  • Delivering curated content to a website, app or other platform
  • Curating your own automated newsletters using SnipRSS with FlipRSS
  • Creating feeds and sharing with your audience to grow subscribers
  • Collecting content that supports your product, service or cause
  • Creating an RSS feed of competitor activity
  • Curating content around specific topics for your customers
  • Curating content to automatically update your social channels